Playgrounds are most inviting when they are safe, fun and well-maintained. With regular use, traditional surfaces, such as soil, wood mulch or concrete, can result in gouges, scuffs and hard-packed areas, or surfaces that are unsightly or hazardous, even with regular maintenance.

Rubber Mulch surfaces, installed by EcoSoft Surfacing professionals, ensure durability, safety and aesthetic appeal year after year with minimal maintenance.

EcoSoft Surfacing’s Rubber Mulch Surfacing is made up of 100% recycled rubber. The permeable surface allows water to pass through, providing a long-life, low-maintenance solution for playground surfacing.

Available in red, green and black, our Rubber Mulches are attractive in a variety of settings.

Safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal make an EcoSoft Surfacing playground more fun for everyone!

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